DYXY is immersed in the design of projects that are timeless and unique. We believe that for a project to be timeless, it would possess values that are positive for our Clients, the public, and for the project’s context. Each project, location, and situation has specificity – we appreciate the significance and impact this has on the design of our projects.

DYXY was established by Darryl Yamamoto and Xiao Yang in Los Angeles, California, USA. Projects range in scale from large – scale urban mixed use complexes to intimate residential sanctuaries. The work is composed of mixed – use, residential, retail, office, and hospitality projects. These projects are located in the USA, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other places in Asia.


Our quest is for value, experiences, and elements that make the project memorable to Clients and their audience. We believe that in order to achieve long term success, commercial projects need to be unique in the international marketplace – one that is growing every day. We strive to create innovative and fresh, yet timeless solutions for every project – increasing its value financially, as well as contextually. Our times demand efficiency, flexibility, and unifying concepts that are authentic and have real meaning to the public. The search for uniqueness and its corresponding value is inherent in the DYXY design process.


DYXY holds the belief that almost all commercial projects benefit from a ‘responsible’ skeletal system which involves its structure, systems, and cores. Efficiency in this area implies that a larger percentage of the project budget would be available for the spaces, places, and details that have maximum impact on the public. DYXY is also focused on utilizing our years of international building design experience to benefit projects by monitoring sourcing and the buildability of every detail we provide. We are committed to the need for collaboration with the design team and coordination of all design and engineering issues.


We have deep concern for the success of the finished project. The final design phases of the project are just as important to us as the initial phases are, and we believe the final drawings are the road map to success for the construction of the projects. Projects of substantial nature usually take years to conceptualize and execute. The team has responsibilities to the project and each other to make pieces of paper and various digital files become a place that all are proud of – and positively affect our world.

DYXY envisions and constantly searches for possibilities beyond what is expected. Our interest is timelessness, uniqueness, and harmony in a sustainable environment – a quest we share with progressive institutions and individuals in many parts of our world.